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A Brief History

Templehelm, a group of islands nestled deep in the heart of the Setlian Sea – a colossal lake at the center of Ateon, the known world. For millennia, it was a lost and secluded place, known only to the native tribes and peoples who called it home, protected by a powerful barrier that kept out gods and spirits, while trapping mortals within its confines. It remained isolated, enjoying relative peace for thousands of years.

However, just over a thousand years ago, Templehelm was discovered by the Emeraldites, a proud and resourceful empire that had stretched across the Northern Setlian coast. Faced with enemies on all sides and dwindling resources, the Emeraldites made a daring move, abandoning their holdings and taking with them nobles, knights, and members of their clergy to seek refuge in the new and fertile land they stumbled upon. What followed was a century of war, colonization, cultural upheaval, and conquest, culminating in the birth of the Six Sired Divines – the First Deiotakas.

The millennia that followed were marked by the peace and stability of an empire, but peace built on violence cannot endure indefinitely. In the year 1012, the Decade of Chaos commenced, ushering in a period of mass migration, the rise and fall of numerous kingdoms, and even the ascent and demise of gods.

Then, in 1022, the Decade of Chaos came to a dramatic end with the fall of Templehelm’s barrier, unleashing an unprecedented surge of raw mana into the land. Dubbed the Great Awakening by some, and the Shattering by others, this cataclysmic event has set the stage for a new era in Templehelm’s history. Isolation is no longer an option, Templehelm is no longer a prison, and the magic that once flowed in moderation now surges with abundance, beckoning adventurers from far and wide to explore its mysteries and shape its destiny.


The Eight Who Remain

The gods of Templehelm and Ateon as a whole are countless, limited only by the followers who know them and spread their names. Templehelm itself has had many gods, both foreign and native, and those gods have shifted in power, some rising to prominence and others falling to the wayside of history. The Decade of Chaos saw many such divine dramas, and those who lived through it were witness to divine upheaval unseen for the past millenia.

Currently, there are eight major divines, each with their own groups of followers that have their own distinct cultures, practices, and styles of fighting. Of course there are variations even within these creeds, but those that honor the same god are typically unified to some extent by that fact.


One of the Six Sired Divines, Akwal rules over Templehelm’s waters. Akwal’s domain encompasses all of the seas, rivers, lakes, islands, and beaches. Their followers have traditionally been prone to isolation and in-fighting, and there is little consensus among Akwaels as to the proper way to practice their faith. Akwal’s past Champions have preached isolation and religious extremism, as well as tolerance, diversity, and exchange with the mainland.

Followers of Akwal are called Akwaels, Akwhales, or Akwalians, and they are most at home within Templehelm’s endless waters.


Cavilon, one of the Six Sired Divines, is a deity revered for their dominion over the vast network of caverns that lie hidden beneath Templehelm’s mountains and within the depths of the earth, ruling over the dark and mysterious realms that hold untold treasures and secrets, and their devoted followers, known as Cavicks, are highly skilled smiths and miners who dedicate their days to the meticulous extraction of precious ores and metals from the depths of Templehelm’s caves, finding solace and purpose in the rugged landscapes of rocky terrains and mountainous regions where they feel most at home.


One of the Six Sired Divines, Deserma rules over Templehelm’s arid wastes and its hot, sunny days. Deserma’s domain encompasses deserts and mesas. . Their followers have a complicated and disparate history. Some have been great monks, priding themselves on hospitality and compassion. Others made a name for themselves as vicious, desert bandits and thieves. Though all have claimed Deserma’s blessing, only the former have truly been named their Champion.

Followers of Deserma are called Desermen – Deserman when singular – and they are most at home within Templehelm’s arid wastes. The Champion of Deserma is Nazor.


Mycelyix, also known as Yix, is an ancient god associated with Templehelm’s Plagued Isles and Fungal Lands, ruling over Mycelium isles, fungal forests of the Nether, and dark oak forests with giant mushrooms. Mycelyix rose to prominence during the Decade of Chaos, and their followers, known as Mycelyites, believe in their pre-Emeraldite Arrival origins and the curse of flawed nature from the Anestatelos. As the divine of Plague, Flaw, and Sin, Mycelyix’s followers are often eccentric, destructive, and proudly imperfect, finding solace within Templehelm’s plagued isles and fungal lands, with Jekyll serving as the Oracle of Mycelyix, the 4th Prophet of Anarchy.


One of the Six Sired Divines, Netharna rules over the Nether, a hellish realm connected to Templehelm through portals. Their domain includes all hellish lands and volcanic regions, and Netharna has been known to claim outside of the Nether when her influence is spread. Netharna’s followers are generally violent and forceful in nature. Though not all are necessarily aggressive, they do not tolerate outsiders stealing from the Nether or dishonoring the Flames.

Followers of Netharna are called Netharnans, and they are most at home out of Templehelm and in the Nether.


As one of the Six Sired Divines, Wildaven rules over Templehelm’s forests and jungles, with followers known as Wildlings who follow one of two paths: embracing other creeds as healers, farmers, and chefs, or favoring isolation and protection of Wildaven’s boundless nature. Wildlings, who are most at home in Templehelm’s jungles and forests, have received both blessing and harsh punishment from Wildaven in the past, with past Champions usually being of the latter perspective.


One of the Six Sired Divines, Wintival rules over Templehelm’s vast, frozen wastes and Winterlands, as well as moonlit Nights. Their domain encompasses all lands covered with snow and ice. Wintival’s followers are some of Templehelm’s most prominent empire-builders and war-mongers, some even fighting the dwindling Emeraldite Empire directly. Followers of Wintival most often value strength and severity, favoring strict laws and harsh punishment.

Followers of Wintival are called Winterlings, and they are most at home within Templehelm’s frozen Winterlands.


A mysterious god that rose to true divinity in 1013 when they helped to defeat the Dragon Queen, Zelphair rules over Templehelm’s endless skies and mountain peaks. Their domain encompasses all that sits above the clouds and dares to touch the heavens. Zelphair’s followers preach peace, isoltation, and strength, and the original Zephyrs lived atop floating Isles that drifted across the Setlian. They are typically a gentle people, but when attacked, they respond with the strength of Storms. Zelphair’s only Champion was a famous warrior who preached peace and isolation.

Followers of Zelphair are called Zephyrs, and they are most at home atop Templehelm’s mountains.

Planu, Zeolix, Pallus, and Ephales

Though not broadly worshipped divines, these four gods each hold an important place in Templehelm’s history, and some even have followers who honor them today.


God of the Emeraldites, it is said that Planu was smuggled past Templehelm’s barrier ‘in a box’. Though the last Emeraldites called Planu the god of Plains and Mountains, others have termed him a God of Death, Man, or the Emeraldites themselves. Ever since the First Deiotakas, when Planu created the Six Sired Divines, they have been a relatively silent god. Even during the Decade of Chaos, Planu only spoke to the late Meraldian IV, former King of the Emeraldites, and Planu only acted a handful of times, during the most extreme circumstances. The Temple of the Eight at Planu Heath preaches that Planu has died, and he has gone silent since the Shattering. Even so, Planu’s death is not certain, nor is that of any god. Planu’s people are the Emeraldites, but his followers are also called Planites.


A divine whose name kills all who say it. That is what Zeolix is said to be. The Emeraldites preached that Zeolix was a demon, an invader god that Planu defeated long ago. Zeolix’s followers claim that they ruled Templehelm long before the Emeraldites arrived, and they see Planu as a usurper and an invader. Though Zeolix tried to regain their place among the gods several times throughout the Decade of Chaos, they were only briefly successful. Currently, most believe that Zeolix has died, their power sealed away after a brief return to divinity.

Zeolix’s domain is one of mystery. Imprisoned in the void by Planu, many assumed that the Void, the End, or Darkness were Zeolix’s to control rather than their prison. Some claim that Zeolix was the original divine of the Plains or of Man. Other that Zeolix rules over Pain and Emotion. Zeolix’s followers are called Zeolites, and there are many different sects – all dedicated to the return of their god.


A mysterious and ancient divine, Pallus has often been said to be at least as strong as Planu. They are known to detest faith and prayer, punishing those who try to worship them. Pallus lives secluded in the swamps, and aside from their anti-social tendencies and general rage, little else is certain about them.

During the Decade of Chaos, when the Aurite, Celsun, attempted to destroy Templehelm, it was Pallus who came and saved the land and its people. This complicates their reputation as a hateful god, but it confirms their immense power. Those who follow Pallus are called Pallites, though few live to call themselves that for long.


Called a Demon by most, Ephales is an ancient divine who kept themself hidden until very recently. In the final year of the Decade of Chaos, the Waking Dream grew out of control, and all within Templehelm were cursed with an unceasing Nightmare. Those who sought to confront their enemy found only Ephales, a being who called themself ‘The Consumer’ and who dwelt deep within the realm of the Waking Dream. After many months of conflict and study, fifteen heroes confronted Ephales, interrupted his spell, and destroyed both the curse of the endless Nightmare and the barrier that had isolated Templehelm for millenia. This triggered the Great Awakening, beginning the modern era and ending the Decade of Chaos.

Little else is known about Ephales. They are clearly ancient and powerful, but whether they are a God of Dreams, Templehelm, or something else entirely remains a mystery. Though they have no living followers, Ephales’ faithful are called Ephalens.