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Since 2012!

Crimson Ingot is a role-play and PVP Minecraft Server

…for those seeking an immersive role-play and PVP experience. Step into the enchanting world of Templehelm, a high-fantasy realm scarred by centuries of epic battles. From the moment you enter, you become a pivotal character in an ongoing saga that has been crafted by passionate players and dedicated staff over the years. Our server is a canvas for your imagination, where the story unfolds through organic, player-generated events that shape the world of Crimson Ingot like no other server. Join our ever-growing community and be part of a mesmerizing and ever-changing adventure that will leave you captivated. Get ready for an unparalleled Minecraft experience like never before!

Creeds, Classes & More!

At its core, Crimson Ingot is centered around the Dieties which inhabit Templehelm. Players choose from seven Creeds to follow, and gain special abilities and powers derived from their deity. Players have 12 interesting classes to choose from: Healer, Duelist, Berserker, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Smith, and Arcanist. Some of these combine with their chosen Creed to offer elemental-focused abilities and unique gameplay styles!

Gameplay Features

At Crimson Ingot, we’ve taken Minecraft roleplay to a whole new level with our incredible plugins that will leave you spellbound!  Our server offers an array of immersive roleplay opportunities, including custom recipes, treasure chests, NPCs, and so much more!

For those who crave a challenge, Crimson Ingot is the perfect choice. Prepare to face advanced and formidable mobs, engage in unforgiving combat, and contend with omnipotent Deities. With hundreds of mesmerizing and powerful Spells abilities, including custom spells forged by our very own staff team, you’ll need all your wits and skills to survive and triumph. Discover lore weapons and armor with special enchantments, and choose from intriguing Creed and Class combinations that offer diverse playstyles. Brace yourself for intense and exhilarating battles as you carve your own path in the world of Crimson Ingot!

Mine and craft, with flair!

Immerse yourself in the divine realm of Crimson Ingot and impress your Deity with your awe-inspiring Shrine and Temple building skills. Gain favor and rewards, such as special lore items or custom spells tailored to your Creed and character! For the truly devout, your Deity may even join you in battle, unleashing godly wrath upon your foes from the heavens.

But that’s not all! Crimson Ingot boasts a unique Settlement trait system that allows you to create breathtaking cities with special perks for buildings, including convenient cart warps, bustling shops, and coveted resources. The possibilities are boundless, and there’s so much more to discover as you embark on your adventure. Register now and join our vibrant community to experience the thrill of Crimson Ingot for yourself. Get ready to embark on an epic journey filled with limitless possibilities!